Boards & Committees


A Special Thank You, to all the Individuals who have sacrificed their time

and energy to be apart of our Boards and Committees that shape our

Nation. Your participation is appreciated and always welcome.


To contact the 2017 Election Board, please email Dianne Blunt at





2017 Election Board:

Dianne Blunt - Chairwoman, Joellen Martinez - Vice Chairwoman, Sherry Wilson - Secretary, John-Russell Blunt - Sergeant of Arms, Lucille Nunez - Board Member, Daisy Velasquez - Board Member


2014 Citizenship Board:

Dianne Blunt - Chairwoman,  Danny Aguirre, Elena Carmemlo, Vivian Olguin. Please contact the Citizenship Board at...



2013 Election Board:

Danny Aguirre - Chair, Dianne Blunt - Vice Chair, Sherry Wilson - Secretary, Elena Carmelo, Maria Aguirre, Joellen Martinez, Lucille Nunez



2011-2012 Citizenship Board:

Ed White - Chair, Dianne Blunt, Vivian Olguin, Jason Muck, Danny Aguirre



2011-2012 Election Board:

Ed White - Chair, Dianne Blunt, Vivian Olguin, Jason Muck, Danny Aguirre


2010 Citizenship Board:

Ed White - Chair, Tonantzin Carmelo - Vice Chair, Dianne Blunt, Vivian Olguin, Jason Muck


2009 Election Board:

Ed White - Chair, Jessica Arvizu, Dianne Blunt, Elena Carmelo, Lucille Nunez


2009 Citizenship Board:

Sandonne Goad - Chair, Joey Aguirre, Tonantzin Carmelo, Vivian Olguin


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2008-2009 Citizenship Advisory Committee:

Joey Aguirre, John Aguirre, Rebecca Aguirre, Richard Alcala, Annie Barela, Jack Bates, Dianne Blunt, Tonantzin Carmelo, Virginia Carmelo, Alice Castillo, Ron Castillo, Alexander A Chairez, Samuel Dunlap, Dennis Gai, Elizabeth Gai-Rodgers, Isabel Herrera-Facio, Mary A Lewis, Adam Loya, Shirley Machado, Mary Ellen Mackin, Rick Mackin, Ana Vargas Magana, Gilbert Magana, Ralphie Mendibles, Melissa Mullen, Lucille Loya Nunez, Barbara Pace, Edgar Perez, Joe-Don Ramirez, Sonya Martinez Ramirez, Michael Romp, Rene Vargas Sambrano, Frank Serrano Jr, Diana Vargas, Michele Vargas, Elaine Villegas
Staff: Lisa Baca-Sigala, Michael Gonzales, Desiree Martinez, Richard Polanco - CEO

Election Board 2007:

Dianne Blunt, Ed White, Annie Barela, Mary Ellen Mackin, California Supereme Court Justice Carlos Moreno, Joey Aguirre, Elaine Villegas, Ken Bates