Don't Be Fooled by Stein

For those who plan to attend they should ask some of the questions listed below.

Q. Who is the Author of this letter?
Truth: Stein is the author of the letter.
Truth: The letter is not signed by the so called Tribal Council members.
Truth: The letter leads one to falsely believe that Stein had been involved in the

    changing of the new regulations pertaining to Federal Recognition.

Summary: Stein continues to misuse the Tribe's letter head and its membership

    Records. He continues to shield himself from liability by continuing his

    falsehoods and having others sign the letters that he authored, mailed, and

    that have postage paid for by Stein.

Stein claims the BIA regulations are new.
Truth: These are not new regulations, they became law in 2004 or 2006 and

    published in the Federal Regristar as required by law.
Q. Ask Stein what year did the new regulations go into effect?
Q Ask Stein did he represent the Tribe when the changes were being recommended?
Q Ask Stein for the written comments he submitted proposing changes of existing

    rules & regulations?
Q. Ask Stein to whom were they submitted too and when?

Stein claims "that we held back in moving forward any federal recognition effort

    for many years" because "we did not want to be denied federal recognition."
Truth: Since 2006 we have been in court. Stein has lost every one of his claims against us.
Q. Ask Stein did he ever file letter of intent with the BIA?
Q. Ask Stein did he ever ask another attorney to file a letter of Intent with the BIA?
Q If yes ask Stein to name the attorney?
Q. Ask The date the letter of intent was filed?
Q. Ask Stein what was the response from the BIA to the letter?
Q. Ask Stein if he authored the letter sent to BIA?

Stein claims the regulations are favorable.
Truth: The regulations are favorable to the GT Tribe.
Q. Ask Stein what impact does Judge Linfield ruling against him and his faction

    have trying to move forward?
Q. Ask Stein what impact will the upcoming court case on Nov 2, 2015 "GT Tribe

    v Stein" have upon Stein, Linda, and Bernie if we our successful?
Truth: The Linfield decision was favorable to us and not to Stein or to his faction.

    His ruling is part of our fourth amended complaint.
Truth: Stein lost everyone one of their claims against after he tried to claim his

    group were the real party in interest (court ruled to our favor)
Truth: Stein dropped the Contract claims against the GT Tribe in 2012 (after

    years of claiming it the tribe breached the contract)
Truth: Read the Amended fourth complaint filed
Truth: Read the Linfield decision of 2012.

Stein claims "that was part of the packages of political compromise made by the

    Obama Administration."
Truth: The process was not a political process.
Truth: The process involved years of public input from tribes, local government

    and other stakeholders.
Truth: The comments from all stakeholder become part of the public record.
Q. Ask Stein to describe his involvement?
Q. Ask Stein why his comments are not printed on the Federal Register?
Q Ask Linda and Bernie if Stein shared the comments submitted prior to or after

    Stein submitted them?
Q. Ask Stein to describe and explain what he means when he said it was "part of

    political package"?

Summary: Stein wants you to believe that he had something to do with the so

    called compromise...Ask him to prove it...

Stein claims that the new regulations do not allow a tribe that has been refused

    federal recognition in the past to apply again.
Truth: I believe that every tribe not recognized will be judge accordingly and

    appropriately if and when they submit their application/letter of intent.

Stein claims we held back any federal recognition effort for many years, because

    of this very concern. Stein claims we did not want to be denied because of an

    unfavorable set of federal regulations.
Truth: Since 2006 Stein and Linda and Bernie have tried to usurp the GT Tribe Identity.
Truth: Since 2006 to this moment we have been in litigation and there was no way t

    hat Stein and his faction would be able to get recognized by the BIA with all of

    there wrongdoings the court ruled.
Truth: The BIA would review the court decision/s all in our favor and it would be

    impossible to allow the impostor tribe formed by Stein to move forward.

Stein claims the Juanenos went charging forward and were denied federal recognition.
Truth: Their application was submitted and BIA found deficiency.
Truth: Their application was submitted back in 1990's (so much for charging forward)
Truth: The process allows for the deficiency to be addressed and the BIA not Stein

    will determine the outcomes

Stein claims as a result they can never be recognized.
Truth: Stein is wrong in making such a statement. Stein is not the BIA, the Courts,

    or Congress which are the governmental entities that can grant the recognition.

    Not Stein the Attorney at law.

Stein claims a near riot occurred in the Nov 2013 members meeting.
Q. What caused the near-riot?
Q. Where did it occur?
Q Was there a police report file?

Stein claims that the Rodriguez family are not Gabrielino and that the problem

    has now be straighten out.
Q. Who determined they are not Gabrielino? Stein or the BIA?
Q. How was it determined?
Q. How were they notified?
Q. Did Stein return the records and documents to the Rodriquez Family members?
Q. Describe how the problem was straighten out?


The Lindfield decision tells the whole truth. I sent you a copy. Feel free to email it

    to your family members.

Our day in court is Nov 2, 2015. Our 15 claims against Jonathan Stein are strong

    and convincing.

Attached is a copy of the Complaint. Share with your family.

The documents are posted on the tribe web site.

The three actions that are added to the fourth amended complaint are the Fraud,

    Alter Ego, and Rules of Professional Conduct 3-300 (Rescission per State Bar

    Rule of Professional Conduct)

In 2006 we started this journey of litigation. It has been very costly and has

    created some division among families.

Always remember "Stein split the Tribe."

It was Stein that caused the split and since 2006 he continues to manifest his

    falsehoods evidence by his letter calling for a meeting on September 26th, 2015.

Stein took advantage because the Tribe never had independent counsel and no

    lawyer ever Stated "the agreement was fair to the Tribe".

Stein dropped the Contracts claims in 2012 which was a surprise.

Only Stein knows why he dropped them. I would only say it is my opinion that "he

    dropped them because if he lost his contract claims the Tribe Stein would have

    to pay Attorney Fees."

This would not be the first time that Stein would be exposed to attorney fees being

    awarded against him (Stein v Polanco) which were then moot on appeal.

In closing we give thanks to the "forces in the universe" that watch over us.

They have given us strength when we felt weak, wisdom when we were confused,

    and truth which set us free from the falsehood of Jonathan Stein and imposters.

On November 2, 2015 these powerful forces will bring justice to our Tribe.

We ask the great spirit to guide us, to bless, and to keep us from harm...