The Tribal Council (Peo'tskome)



Sandonne Goad
Tribal Chairwoman

Head of Cultural Dept.

& Media Relations


Adam Loya
Tribal Vice-Chairman

Head of Native Community Relations & Educational Dept.


Ed White
Tribal Secretary





Joey Aguirre

Tribal Councilman

Tribal Webmaster











Cody Blunt

Tribal Councilman

Reuben Dominguez, II

Tribal Councilman




Patricia Neminski
Tribal Councilwoman








Senator Richard Polanco (Ret.)





A message from your Tribal Council Leaders

Sandonne Goad, Tribal Chairwoman

"I feel the pull in my very being to see justice done for our ancestors and elders and to secure our future and history for our children’s children. I thank you for the honor and privilege to serve our people"


Shirley Machado, Tribal Councilwoman

"I would like to thank our people for giving me a chance to make a difference. Together we stand and united we will achieve our dreams for our nation."


A message from your Tribal Webmaster

Joey Aguirre, Tribal Webmaster,

"Hello to all that share the vision, desire, goals, and peaceful brotherhood of a unified Gabrielino-Tongva Nation. As your Tribal Webmaster, I have made it my goal to pursue the challenges that stand in our way to bring a self reliant and sovereign nation to our people."